Grind and Seal Phoenix

Grind And Seal Phoenix

Preserve the natural beauty of your concrete floors

Grind And Seal In Phoenix Arizona
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Grind And Seal Benefits


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Our high-performance poly 250 and polyaspartic concrete sealers are designed to stand up to heavy vehicular traffic and foot traffic. These sealants have been known for reducing concrete dust, chemical absorbance, and concrete chipping and scratching.

Increased Longevity

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Because our concrete coatings penetrate deeply within the concrete surface, they resist wearing away until the substrate surface wears away, which can happen between 5-10+ years depending on how heavy the traffic. Concrete sealers plug the holes within your concrete slab, and form fit to each capillary creating a stronger overall concrete slab. This reduces breakdown and crumbling as your concrete ages.

Easy to Clean

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When applied correctly, concrete sealers are water tight, and liquids, dirt, and debris struggle to penetrate or stain the concrete floor. Cleaning the floor requires only regular mopping and occasional floor buffing depending on use and abuse.

Budget Friendly

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Grind and Seal’s are a budget friendly option to protect the concrete slab while still preserving the natural beauty of the surface. Because this process does not require as much floor preparation as polished concrete and the upkeep of a grind and seal system can be relatively lower compared to polished concrete, this is a great option for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

Grind And Seal Transformation Process

Meticulous 3 step installation procedure

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