100% Solids Epoxy Floor Coating In Phoenix

Epoxy Flooring Phoenix

Solid colored epoxy floors designed for commercial and residential traffic

Rolling garage floor basecoat in Phoenix

Epoxy Flooring Benefits

Long Lasting

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Single pigmented epoxy floors penetrate deep within your concrete surface, and harden to a thickness that stays solid and smooth. Finishing with our polyaspartic top coat allows your floors vibrant color to stay true even after experiencing some of Arizona’s most extreme weather conditions.

Aesthetically Appealing

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When concrete is left exposed and porous as it usually is, over time it absorbs nasty chemicals and grime causing the surface to slowly corrode. Epoxy flooring acts as a protective shield, capping off your concrete pores and creating a barrier between damaging objects, chemicals, debris, and your concrete surface.

Easy to Clean

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Epoxy floor coatings create a smooth non-porous surface, making it easy to remove dirt, dust, liquids, and bacteria. By encapsulating your concrete surface with an epoxy coating you reduce the need for power washing and scrubbing.


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With a wide variety of epoxy flooring color options available, you have the capability to transform any Phoenix Az space into an area that looks brighter, newer, and enjoyable to be in.

Epoxy Flooring Phoenix Installation Process

Meticulous install process where the small details matter

Choose The Finish Best Suited For Your Concrete Floor

We transform residential and commercial floors in Phoenix, AZ
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